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Integrated Movement and Wellness Coaching

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We are not the usual, and nor do we want to be.
Our goal is to first know and connect with you.
Understand your goals in all aspects of life (not just physical) and develop a plan.
We are building a proactive wellness community.
One that connects and thrives.

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Holistic Wellness Coach

A Wellness Coach is your accountability partner. We are there to support the process of creating holistic goals, design a plan to achieve these, with the overall outcome to be performing at your optimal self. Whatever that maybe for you.

This is achieved through listening, goal setting, reviewing and ongoing partnership.

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Movement Coach

Coinciding with achieving personal goals, we look to explore quality of movement, whilst challenging and improving the body’s ability to attain movement efficiency.

We train to be efficient and strong through movement.

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Movement Coach
Jeremy (Jez) Maher

With participation in high level sport (cricket) paired with movement coaching Jeremy has a combined 11 years of experience.  
Jeremy’s WHY is to help individuals move well, pain free, whilst building resilience and aptitude. He aims to educate around movement and its connection to health as an entirety. 

Jeremy is a qualified coach with a Cert 4 in Personal Training, Australian Institute of Fitness. He holds a Master Trainer Level 1, Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Level 1, Cricket Australia Coaching Level 1 and ZUU Bronze Level Certification. Examples of current coaching include ultra running, kayak polo and corporate professionals supporting mental well being through physical fitness. 
He is currently an active Strength & Conditioning Coach based at Joe’s Basecamp Gym and Beacon Hill Under 11 Kids Cricket Coach.

Holistic Wellness Coach
Kirsty Forbes

As a successful Director in the corporate environment for over 19 years Kirsty understands firsthand the very rewarding but fast pace, highly demanding environment that it can be. Kirsty has formed a deep desire to support corporate professionals and businesses identifying a gap in integrative wellness.
In 2019 she commenced her journey as a Qualified Holistic Wellness Coach, certified by the International Institute for Complementary Therapies.

Currently continuing her studies at the BioMedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation, Kirsty’s WHY is to see people perform at their optimal level, supported by a true relationship with self. 

Kirsty is a contributor at Power Living Yoga Studios as a digital executive focused on corporate
well-being and creating awareness among high profile professionals.

‘Do not look for sanctuary in anyone else except yourself’