Vision Boarding

I first experimented with vision boarding in my younger years at school. Did you ever cut out of magazines or newspapers images that you loved, celebrities that you idolized or places that you only dreamed to journey too? When you connect with these images your inner guide is speaking to you, taking you on your own adventure, which no one else can experience other than you.

Once I began to understand myself and my inner voice I then began to harness the power of vision boarding or as some would call it the law of attraction. You can create whatever your heart desires…. Your vision board can look however YOU envisage it. The amazing thing about it is, it’s yours…. and no one else can create anything like it other than you.

I currently have 2 vision boards which hang in my room, similar to mentors I recommend that you can have different boards for different focuses. You could create a board with your partner, husband wife or family  or create one that is more personal to your life goals.

You may ask why vision board? Have you ever decided that you really wanted to buy a certain type of car? All of the sudden you see this car everywhere! It’s like everyone else has also just decided to buy the exact same car that you visioned. The answer is they didn’t. There is scientific proof behind visualising, hence why so many people talk about the power of attraction. I’m not a doctor so I can’t go into all the detail however I can tell you that from research when you visualize and you repeatedly see these visions they are set into your subconscious mind. Once this happens when you go about living your day to day life your mind connects to these visions through your sight. It will connect with something that you see with your subconscious thoughts, people call these coincidences. You may have heard someone say nothing is a coincidence and this is the reason why, your mind is attuned to receiving this image that you have seen, therefore creating opportunities. Which leads back to why vision boarding is such a great way to keep the mind on track to your inner guide and help you to continue on your amazing life journey.

Here are my top tips to creating a vision board:

1: Meditate first

Take time out to clear your mind and connect with your inner voice. I first experienced this with a life coach. Before we set out to creating the board we went through a 20 minute meditation session. The first 5 minutes were all about clearing the mind, once we were present ( as present as you can get) we then went on a visual journey of my most inner life’s visions. We commenced by visualising climbing up a tree and peering out through the branches. What view do you see, is it mountains, the beach, a city landscape? Walk down the road what are you surrounded by, who are you walking with, where are you going? You are walking to work, where is it? What does the space that you work in reflect or look like? Do you recognize the people? Your now going home, what does your home look like, who do you live with what are you doing? Keep going with this process until you cover all aspects or areas which you feel you need. Once you have completed, close the branches of the tree, climb back down and then come back to your present self. Become aware of your current surroundings but remember everything your inner guide just presented to you. Once you open your eyes you may wish to take some notes before you commence preparing your board

  1. Get creative

Think about how you would like to display your board. Is it on a piece of cardboard, peg and twine, an old window frame? If you are passionate about one key thing like snowboarding maybe you stick your visions to an old snowboard!

The point is it has to reflect you. And this can be done in whatever way you wish

  1. Collect anything and everything

Gather magazines, newspapers, photos. Shop catalogues, travel brochures if you can stick it you can use it. You may stick objects that reflect certain visions depending on your style. The other great resource for me was google. Once I mediated I printed a lot of images, quotes, graphs anything that I felt drawn towards that was attracted to my vision. As long as you make a connection to that image when you look at it as that is the purpose of the board

  1. You don’t have to go it alone (me time is good too though!)

One of the greatest experiences I have had with vision boarding was with my partner. We were wanting to cement our vision together and where we felt our journey was heading so we both sat down one afternoon and starting cutting, printing rummaging through old photos and laid a big pile of printed mess on the table. When we started laying out our board it was actually amazing to see the similarities in our vision. Sure you may come back with completely different goals, but that also is such a rewarding experience as then you can both understand and support each other in this thing called life

Going it alone is also a beautiful experience. I encourage you to take some time out for yourself and really understand what you are set here to do in this universe. Hopefully you would have experienced this inner peace from meditation and don’t be afraid to take on your passions alone

  1. Time is key

Be sure that you are clear on your goals time frame. Are they short or long term visions? You could do a board that represents the next year of your life or you could do a 5 year plan. As long as you are clear on the time frame so it is set in your mind. Once this time frame is reached make sure you re visit your vision board, it may be time to reassess and lots may have changed. It will be a great time to reflect, revision, this could mean doing another board and continue on your fabulous journey

  1. Hang it!

Once your beautiful, fun creative piece of art is complete HANG IT! It needs to be somewhere where you see it morning and night. I always hang mine in my bedroom so it’s the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see at night. This might not work for you, it could be in your study, kitchen, work (if you are happy to share with all) whatever works for you. The rule is as long as you can see it daily. Handy tip – wallpaper on your phone!

vision board

  1. Embrace the confusion

Don’t get caught up in how the days should play out. You may have a certain path in your head on how your goals are going to be achieved and I can assure you that this will change a million times over. The confusion means that doors are opening. Let you inner guide walk you to the right door. Don’t try and force a path or solution in fear of the unknown. Live in the present and let the road light itself for you to walk

  1. Celebrate your successes

Too many of us achieve so many great things and we never stop and recognise these and give ourselves praise. Whatever time frame you have set for yourself make sure you stop throughout it to celebrate you. They may be little wins, but these little wins lead to bigger wins and before you know it the year has gone and you haven’t taken a breath to appreciate all you set out to achieve. It’s also such a nice way to spend time with people you love, or just some quality time with you (we all know that we would love a bit more of that)


KF x

3 Comments on “Vision Boarding

  1. Inspirational and practical. I have worked on something similar with my life coach but this takes it to next level.

  2. Great Blog….. have always had one, though your tips are really insightful. ….. Love your work 💟💟💟💟💟

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