Our Story – The Forbes Collection

The Forbes Collection was developed through personal experiences of connection with a particular place or culture from global travels. Feeling drawn to places that had deep history or respect for the earth/nature, the sense of energy and connection from these places has been a part of our DNA since.

The original concept behind the Forbes Collection was to operate boutique hotel’s in each of these areas for others to experience this vibrant energy. The concept has continued to evolve over the past 10 years to utilize these places as nurturing spots for people to reconnect with themselves. Future goals!!

In recent years Kirsty Forbes – our Founder, battled with endometriosis and sought further than the Western ways of treating this disease. Deciding to investigate a natural approach, listening to the body and witnessing the changes from how it was managed. The practice was expanded using movement to support the functionality and energy systems of the body.

This promoted the Forbes Collection to evolve the original concept incorporating holistic wellness and movement, particularity specializing in corporate professionals.

Our Purpose

‘To optimise performance in everyday lives’

We are an integrated solution for professionals, tailoring coaching on holistic health/movement for lifestyle and performance


A quality state of being

To ourselves, to this earth and each other

Co existing with other elements to provide a holistic function

Care, Protect and Develop

Our community, our employees and our clients way of thinking

Our Partners

Let’s connect and move together