Movement Coaching

Movement (coaching) noun

move·​ment | \ ˈmüv-mənt  \

The act or process of moving; especially : change of place or position or posture

Our movement coaches think a little differently. Movement {aka} exercise is like food. A balanced amount is essential and good for our bodies, but having too much of it can also be counter beneficial leading to our bodies being overworked, increasing injury risk. Another way to approach our thought process to movement is considering how we as humans would move if we were living in a natural environment. In the traditional hunter gatherer culture, humans run to hunt food, build their own homes, tend to food making and look after their families. Their down time is spent celebrating their traditions, sitting, squatting or even dancing.

Movement Coaching Explained
Meet Coach Jeremy Maher

Jeremy gives us an overview of Movement Coaching, and the benefits of incorporating it into your wellness goals

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