Why Movement Coaches?

Why movement coaches are relevant?

If you assess the overall structure of the human’s movement history, some days are high impact, other days require rest to prepare again for the high impact days. Outside of this they were continuously moving throughout the day.  Majority of activities require mobility, strength, balance to perform. This continues throughout the generations. But this was not seen as exercise. It was a part of the daily life routine.

Current lifestyles differ from this. Our workplaces demand that we sit, stare at screens, sometimes with minimal interaction for hours. When looking at our movement routine we should aim to achieve similar movements to what we would if we were living in our natural environment.

Where do coaches come in?

Having a well-balanced movement plan is optimal. What one person needs will differ from another, with many various reasons being factored in. These include, but are not limited to: current daily life routine, diet, injuries and age.

What is the difference between personal trainers and movement coaches?

Movement coaches tailor a movement program with you, taking a holistic approach based on established goals, current lifestyle, current movement capabilities and nutrition.  

The advantages of having a movement coach:

  1. Address any weaknesses you have in the body to prevent injuries
  2. Reduce stress and increase balanced energy levels
  3. Develop a strong body to optimize your body’s function
  4. Set boundaries with you and act as an accountability buddy on your own set goals
  5. Have fun, learn and develop new skills

“When it comes to our family’s general fitness or achieving some important training goals, we have found Jeremy to be a complete package that we are very lucky to have! He has been our personal fitness trainer for over three years and he has the ability to inter-generational training and meet all our family’s requirements.”

Lata Wilkinson