Wellness Coaching

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A wellness coach supports clients through change. Using coaching psychology, behavior change and incorporating a holistic approach to the client’s goals. It is an active, reflective process built on trust and partnership.

Launch Offer

We are offering as part of our launch a 1 hour complimentary session virtual or face to face. There are only 6 of these being offered so get in touch quickly so you don’t miss out!

Why would you engage a wellness coach?

A wellness coach is an accountability partner. They work with you to discover and build key goals, taking into account a holistic approach, to support optimal performance in your lifestyle.

You may already have a really great understanding of what that looks like, or you may not. 
Regardless we support you to assess what areas do potentially require that extra bit of attention. This could be areas such as nutrition, movement and career, spiritual or home life. Our goal in working with you is that you achieve a greater sense of balance across the different areas with lasting change

New goals?

As discussed you may currently have a great balance but are looking to take on a completely new goal such as a career transition. In this process we act as that accountability partner. Supporting to plan out each stage setting your goals and actions, we then have regular follow up touch points, reflecting throughout each stage of the process. We adapt if required along the way to achieve the goals identified by you. This leading to optimal performance and ultimately a smooth transition through the process.

Wellness Coach vs Corporate Coach

The difference between a wellness coach and a corporate coach is quite important. A wellness coach takes into consideration all aspects of your life. Our focus is to understand your goals with a holistic view, rather than drilling into just career/ the corporate environment. Although in saying this we can do if that’s what you decide requires the most attention for that particular goal block.

We work together to understand your purpose (some refer to it as your why), if there are any boundaries that are currently in place, or what may be holding you back.

A plan is developed working towards goals that are decided upon, we challenge you in a positive, constructive method to facilitate change. 

Other Professionals

Wellness Coaches can work alongside other professionals you may have engaged. Examples such as personal trainers or coaches, nutritionists or counselors to bring all recommendations into one formulated, overarching plan. It can be a challenge to have multiple plans running at once, we bring this into alignment working alongside these professionals to do so. We also have tailored packages to work alongside our movement coaches.

How does the coaching process work?

The holistic approach incorporates all areas of life to ensure you can focus on what you feel needs adjustment, with more time potentially spent in areas that we establish require focus.

The basis of this foundation is the wheel of balance (featured left)

  • Family and Friends
  • Romance/Relationships
  • Work/Career
  • Life Purpose
  • Fun and Recreation
  • Physical/Exercise
  • Money
  • Health

Coaching Programs

– Health and Energy Wellness Program

Personalised Performance Programs

– Career Transition Programs 

– Change Management Wellness Program

– Movement and Mindfulness Program

How Often Should We Meet?

In the first instance we should be meeting more regular. Depending on the initial outcome and goals set, this could be fortnightly and then move into monthly.
For a greater change weekly meetings may be required. However, there is not a set standard to meeting time frames, just recommendations. We will develop this after your initial consultation process. 

The initial meeting is 1 hour in length and goes through quite an in depth process of questioning so we can dig a bit deeper into your purpose. 
All wellness coaching sessions can be done virtually or face to face.

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